C9520-427 最新関連参考書 & C5050-062 日本語版参考書


NO.1 When integrating with WebLogic (WLDeploy plugin), one required field is the location of the
Ant Task Jar." Where can you obtain this important file that is required for integration?
A. You can find it in the WebLogic's server directory.
B. You can download it from http://oracle.com.
C. You can build the jar file manually in the WebLogic's server/lib directory.
D. You can download it from the WebLogic interface.
Answer: C

C5050-062 費用   C5050-062 会場   
Basic Steps for Using wldeploy
To use the wldeploy Ant task:
References: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E13222_01/wls/docs92/programming/wldeploy.html

NO.2 The approval process is executed when approved by which user type?
A. The user type currently configured to execute the process
B. The administrator user type
C. The user type configured for approval in the approval process being executed
D. The user type of the user created both the application processes and the component processes
Answer: C

C5050-062 専門   C5050-062 試験   
Deployment approvals are created in a process that specifies the job that needs approval and the role
the approver. When a request for approval is made, the users with the corresponding role are
notified of
the work item through email. The approver has the liberty to approve or reject a deployment as well
provide comments to the decision.

NO.3 What is the result of deleting an agent from the IBM UrbanCode Deploy server administration
A. The agent is removed from the list of available agents but remains on the resource tree for reuse.
B. The agent is removed from the list of available agents and deleted from the resource tree.
C. The agent is removed from the list of available agents and deleted from the file system.
D. The agent is removed from the resource but remains on the list of available agents for reuse.
Answer: B

C5050-062 目的   
If you uninstall an agent from its host, you will not be able to reinstall the agent using the same
To properly uninstall an agent, you must also delete it from the server as follows:
Click on Resources > Agents
Click the Delete action for the agent you previously uninstalled
References: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21687857

NO.4 Which three statements are true about version statuses? (Select three.)
A. Version statuses must be used in conjunction with component tags to tag which versions can be
B. Version statuses must be used in conjunction with environment gates to govern which versions are
allowed into specific environments.
C. Version statuses must be used in conjunction with tokens to mark which versions are ready for
D. Version statuses must be used in conjunction with locks to identify which environments are locked
marked versions.
Answer: A,B,D

C5050-062 サンプル   
B: In IBM UrbanCode Deploy, Environment Gates and Version Statuses can help you define policies
restricting which versions of components and applications may be deployed into certain
For example, you would use Gates and Statuses to enforce a rule that anything being deployed into
Production has passed security reviews. Unlike approvals which act on a specific request, Gates
establish checks on the versions of components or applications being deployed.
C: Environments can be configured to specifically lock either snapshot versions or snapshot
or both, when snapshots are deployed to the environment. In addition, users can now manually lock
snapshots so that they cannot be changed in the future

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