1Y0-301 認定資格試験 & Deploying シトリックス XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions


NO.1 The SOAP Server user account needs to be a member of which security group in order for Key
Management Services
(KMS) licensing to be supported in a Provisioning Services deployment?
A. Citrix Full Administrator
B. Domain Administrator
C. Provisioning Services Full Administrator
D. Local Administrator
Answer: D

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NO.2 Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to provide virtual desktop access to branch office users by
deploying NetScaler to an
existing Citrix StoreFront environment. Active Directory, along with RSA tokens, will be used for
authentication on the
Which two authentication servers should the engineer configure on the NetScaler? (Choose two.)
C. Local
Answer: B,C

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Scenario: A Citrix Engineer must provide students in the Cardiology program at CCH with Windows 8
virtual desktops.
These students will use hosted applications through Receiver. Personalization of the Windows 8
virtual desktops is
NOT required.
1. Create the appropriate machine catalog and name it XD_POOLED 1.
2. Create 10 virtual desktops for students in the Cardiology program.
3. Ensure each virtual desktop is assigned 2 Virtual CPUs.
4. Set the memory size for the virtual desktops to 8 GB.
5. Use the Network 0 network interface card.
6. Create Active Directory computer accounts for the virtual desktops in the CCH Virtual Desktops
organizational unit
7. Use the following account naming scheme for the virtual desktops: TrainingDesk001 -
8. Create the virtual desktops from the WDK_8_1 master image.
9. Create the appropriate Delivery Group named CCH_Training_Desktops, and configure it according
to the
requirements above. Students in the Cardiology program are members of the Training Desktops user
XenDesktop 7 Machine Catalog
1. In Desktop Studio we want to create a VM catalog,
2. Choose the OS type
3. We will be using VMs and Citrix Machine Creation Services, so the defaults are fine.
4. Use the default
5. Choose the master image WDK_8_1 master image
6. A great feature of XenDesktop is the ability to customize the catalog hardware at provisioning
time, so you can offer
different tiers of VMs from the exact same master image. No need to build up templates with the
same OS and
software stack, just to customize the vCPUs and memory specs.
7. OU -
8. On the summary screen you need to give the catalog a name and a description.
9. After you kick off the provisioning process you get a nice status. MCS first makes a copy of your
master VM, then
does its magic to create copies
10. When the provisioning is completed you now have one machine catalog entry
11. If you double click on the machine catalog it will bring up a search window with the individual
VMs listed. You can
now power them on and wait for them to show a "registered" status. If you click on an individual VM
it will pull up
even more details. If a user had an active session to the VM then you get a plethora more data.
As you can see, creating a machine catalog from a master template is quick and easy. Within Desktop
Studio you can
view a tremendous amount of detail about the catalog and individual VMs.

NO.4 Which type of XenServer storage repository supports thin provisioning?
B. Software iSCSI
C. Fibre Channel
Answer: D

JPexamはあなたが完全に信頼できるウェブサイトです。受験生の皆さんをもっと効率的な参考資料を勉強させるように、JPexamのIT技術者はずっとさまざまなIT認定試験の研究に取り組んでいますから、もっと多くの素晴らしい資料を開発し出します。一度JPexamの1Y0-301 認定資格試験を使用すると、きっと二度目を使用したいです。JPexamは最高の1Y0-301 認定資格試験を提供するだけでなく、高品質のサービスも提供します。私達の資料についてどんなアドバイスがあってもお気軽に言ってください。受験生の皆さんを試験に合格させることを旨とするだけでなく、皆さんに最高のサービスを提供することも目標としています。

JPexam Citrixの1Y0-301 認定資格試験というのは一体なんでしょうか。Citrixの1Y0-301 認定資格試験ソースを提供するサイトがたくさんありますが、JPexamは最実用な資料を提供します。JPexamには専門的なエリート団体があります。認証専門家や技術者及び全面的な言語天才がずっと最新のCitrixの1Y0-301 認定資格試験を研究していますから、Citrixの1Y0-301 認定資格試験に受かりたかったら、JPexamのサイトをクッリクしてください。あなたに成功に近づいて、夢の楽園に一歩一歩進めさせられます。

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